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Appliance Stimulus Package Coming This Fall

An Appliance Stimulus Package is getting ready to follow the successful “Cash for Clunkers” program which generated nearly 700,000 new car sales. The $300 Million Appliance Stimulus Package is currently being developed for this fall, the Appliance Stimulus Package is funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment for consumer purchases of new ENERGY STAR® qualified home appliances. The Appliance Stimulus Package will offer rebates of $50 - $200 on the purchase of ENERGY STAR® household appliances. The Appliance Stimulus Package is a great time for you and your family to get new appliances and save energy.

Consumers should be getting ready to take advantage of the Appliance Stimulus Package program by gathering information on appliances which they will be replacing. The Appliance Stimulus Package is one where you want to be ready to buy before the funding runs out like it did with the “Cash for Clunkers” program. You should budget funds to take advantage of the sale prices and rebates as well as the advantages of saving energy and having greater reliability with your new appliance. Take every appliance into consideration even ones that you don’t usually think about like water heaters and HVAC units. Be ready by knowing which brands and models have the features that you desire in an appliance so that you can buy before Appliance Stimulus Package funding runs out.

It is now time to prepare for the Appliance Stimulus Package, figure which appliances will give you the most energy savings, and which ones are most likely to die in the future. Find out the details of the Appliance Stimulus Package in your state. Don’t miss out on the Appliance Stimulus Package. Run down to Best Buy Lowes, Sears & Home Depot and check out appliance or check them out On-Line.